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AKARA – a thousand little things for fishing, without which there can be no fisherman, as well as a wide assortment of artificial baits and accessories (swivels, clasps, carbines, hooks, floats, and many others).


SURFMASTER – a wide range of inexpensive and high-quality fishing rods, spinning rods and reels. The entire list of products features reliability and durability, when used properly, and, most importantly, affordability. High quality control on all production cycles and professional selection of available models will impress beginners as well as experienced fishermen.


RAIDEN – going with the times, using the latest materials and production technologies, the bait from Raiden received recognition from the millions of anglers. Good feedback and positive results from field testing baits have also contributed to the expansion of its lineup. Currently, the collection comprises 121 lure model: jerks, poppers, swimbaits, rattlins, crawlers, both in plastic and wooden performance.


MARUTO – we all know about reliability and highest performance of Japanese fishing hooks. The names of major Japanese companies that produce these hooks, are known to everyone from amateures to sportsmen-anglers. One of the leaders is the company Dohitomi (Dohitomi Co., Ltd), which represents MARUTO brand.


COMFORTIKA – products for recreation and active tourism. This brand produces reliable and comfortable tents, tracking backpacks, camping furniture, thermoses and other equipment that will make your travel comfortable and memorable.


TAGRIDER – specially designed clothing for fishermen, hunters, tourists and all, who prefer active way of life (fishing suits, thermo bags, fishing bags).




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